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Fortune Chip (Fortune Chip)
To attract luck, fix on important files,
books, lockers, computers etc.
Code: #7801
Price : US$ 6
Fortune Key Chain (Fortune Key Chain)
Ideal for keys of your lockers, car, bike,
cash-box, house and shops
Code: #7802
Price : US$ 7
Mobile 9x9 (Mobile 9x9)
Tie to your mobile for luck and protection.
Improves performance and business
Code: #7803
Price : US$ 6
Bike 9x9 (Bike 9x9)
Fix on any front part of your two-wheeler
for protection from evil eye!
Code: #7804
Price : US$ 4
Medicine 9x9 (Medicine)
Place your daily medicines inside for
spiritual help.
Code: #7805
Price : US$ 11
My 1st Experiment Pyramid (My 1st Experiment Pyramid)
Basic start-up pyramid, place fruits or
vegetables to see its power!
Code: #7807
Price : US$ 3
Astha Ganesh Plate (Astha)
Get the auspicious power of Ashta
Ganesh in your home or shop.
Code: #7102
Price : US$ 9
"PyraVastu is a powerful science of creating balance and harmony by core level corrections, with the help of pre-programmed Pyramid Yantra. It is based on the essential principles of subtle anatomy and the laws of the universe. Here we utilize our own hidden capabilities to achieve a better tomorrow."
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